So busy….

11 Feb

I had no idea that when you are a working full time, single mother of 2 boys that your life will be such a zoo!  HAha!  Its making my time here fly by so quickly.  Thank goodness I still feel like I’m 25!  


So about a month ago I started (again) my weight loss journey.


I bought the program “The 5 Factor Diet”, so I was on that for about a week before I started my workout program along side it.  The 5 Factor diet is like this: 5 small meals a day, incorporating 5 types of foods (Protein, healthy carb, fruit, fat, and a no calorie beverage), with a prep time of about 5 min per meal.  It came with its own workout DVDs but I found that they were too easy for me.  (Heck ya, that’s good news)  So I turned to one of my favorite trainers, Jillian Michaels.   I purchased the Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution 90 Day workout DVDs back in the summer and got great results.  So I’m combining, for the first time ever, DIET and EXERCISE!  The scale was showing me happy things at first…like losing my Christmas 5-lbs gain right away.  The scale hasn’t really moved since my 1st week of the diet.  Which is fine.  I had a struggle thinking what is the POINT to all this effort!!???!!!  I shared my frustrations with a good friend at work, who is like an Uncle to me.  He had sat me down, and explained a few things to me that actually made sense!


How often do we quit *RIGHT* before the actual results?  Yeah, that would be me!  The advice I was given was simple.  DON’T QUIT!!  The analogy was super!  It really hit home for me.


Imagine a HUGE redwood tree.  You know the kind, you can drive your car through the trunks they are THAT wide.  So imagine this tree.  Now, without getting all environmentally silly on me, its just an analogy folks, but imagine that your intention was to chop this monster down.  You are only allowed 5 chops with an axe a day.  That’s it!  Chop-chop-chop-chop-chop.  Done.  Now imagine how long it would take you to get through that tree.  A long time?  Forever?  Perhaps.  Now say you are chopping it down for a reason…like building a home for your family, or providing firewood for heat for eternity…anyway a REASON is there.  Now imagine yourself only allowed to chop only 5 chops into this tree, with a very strong WHY!  It doesn’t seem to hard to do 5 chops a day.  TOTALLY do-able.  Now it doens’t matter now long it takes for you to get the results, the only thing that matters is that you’ve done your 5 chops, and you are consistent! 


So moral of the story?  Don’t give up.  If you can find your WHY, you can tolerate any HOW.  Just get it done!  Forget what the scale says (even though I still have the bad habit of checking myself every morning, sans clothes, and post bathroom break – you know, to make sure its ‘accurate’), and feel better about yourself.  Keep chopping people!


My mother says I’ve lost a ton of inches.  I’ve noticed a few places where I’m starting to look different.  The most sad of all places….Perhaps I should start saving for a boob job for after my tree-chopping days are over.  HAHAH jk.  I’m actually totally fine with my body, even now!  But from the advice from my doctor, I must lose 40 lbs, and heal my toxic liver.  Its also helping me with my back issues.


I feel stronger.  Better.  More confident.


Thank you my office Uncle to help me get over myself, stop feeling sorry for myself, and get on it!

Apply this analogy with anything you are struggling with right now.  Same thing!  Just get at it people.  🙂  


One Response to “So busy….”

  1. Ang Bixler February 11, 2013 at 6:52 pm #

    Amazing work. I think it is very inspiring to do something not just for the weight loss but for a bigger over arching reason like getting healthier. My goal is to run a 5 K. This isn’t to lose weight but to be able to say that 2 years post back surgery, I was able to overcome an be stronger.

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